26 Best Minimalist Email Templates

An email template contains a group of pre-programmed email formats that can be used in different parts of the application when sending an email. In today’s post we are featuring you 26 best minimalist email templates can be used as a e-commerce, shopping, corporate newsletter or for any offers or products that your company may promote.

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Here are 26 Best Minimalist Email Template

1. TechOffers Minimalist Email Template ($ 10)

TechOffers email template has been specially crafted with a clean and neat newsletter template in mind.

TechOffers - Multipurpose Minimalist Newsletter

 2. DOOR ($ 9)

Minimalistic and customizable html email template where you can present you latest magazine news in a professional email marketing program.

DOOR - Beautifully , minimalistic and customizable email template

3. Xenon ($ 16 )

Xenon is a clean and minimalistic look with the best visual quality. Xenon also gives you the space to insert ads and infinite columns.

Xenon - Clean and Minimalistic Newsletter


4. Philadelphia ($ 16 )

This design is perfect when you’re looking for a clean and minimalistic newsletter to keep your visitors up to date.

Philadelphia - E-mail Template

5. The Minimalist HTML Email Template ( $ 16 )

The Minimalist is a simple & bright colorful design that fits all your personal or corporate use.

The Minimalist HTML Email Template

6. Locus Newsletter ($ 10)

The newsletter template has 3 layout and 5 color options.

Locus Newsletter

7. Ango Mail – Multipurpose Newsletter ( $ 15 )

Ango Mail is clean & professional designed email template for different sides of marketing. It comes with 49 pre-made variants.

Ango Mail - Multipurpose Newsletter

8. The Tragic Truth ( $ 12 )

The Tragic Truth is a clean and minimalistic design aimed for women magazines. The Code is heavily commented and is uses valid HTML & Inline Css.

The Tragic Truth

9. Clients Ground ($ 16)

Clients Ground is a clean, minimalistic and flexible Corporate E-mail Template with 162 combinations.

Clients Ground - Corporate Flexible E-mail Theme

10. Corporate Newsletter Template V1 ($ 12 )

Corporate Newsletter Template V1  is a elegant and ultra-clean email template in 6 different colors and 4 layouts for your newsletter.

Corporate Newsletter Template V1

 11. MINICO ($ 16 )

12 modern minimalistic corporate newsletter templates made in 6 different color schemes.

MINICO – 12 e-mail templates

 12. Zoomovski ($ 16)

Zoomovski  is clean & professional designed email template for different sides of marketing. It comes with 20 pre-made variants.

Zoomovski - Premium Email Template

13. Ventura E-mail Template (16)

Ventura is a greatly designed E-mail Newsletter for you to use. It uses an advanced CSS3 slider technique as well as commented code.

Ventura E-mail Template

14. Device Ready( $ 14 )

The Device Ready Template is simple email template made for developers, designers and companies.

Device Ready: Promote Your Apps

 15. Felis Newsletter ($ 14 )

Felis Newsletter is a professional HTML email newsletter. For your email campaigns to promote your latest news, announcements, product or service, this is the solution for you.

Felis Newsletter

 16. Nexus simpla  ($ 16 )

Nexus Simpla is Simple, Clean, Professional & Highly Customizable Email Template.

Nexus simpla | Email Template

17. MINIMA ( $ 15 )

10 modern corporate newsletter templates made in 7 different color schemes (orange, red, purple, blue, turquoise, green, gray) with inline CSS and flexible table structure for quick and easy layout manipulation.

MINIMA – 10 e-mail templates

18. Blog Mail ( $ 9)

Blog Style Email/Newsletter Viral Template + “eCatalog Version” w/ PayPal Buy Now, Donate & even Recurring Payment/Subscription buttons geared at corporate and professional NewsLetters, Emails, E-Flyers, and much more!

Blog Mail

19. Photographer Newsletter Template ($ 12 )

This newsletter is ideal for photographer, but you can also use it for any kind of business or service, your email marketing campaigns, event invitation or periodical news.

Photographer Newsletter Template

20. Mio – Corporate Email Template  ($ 13 )

Mio Company, is the perfect template for me to convey information in a fresh and elegant.

Mio - Corporate Email Template

21. Coast  ($ 14 )

Clean is clean coded both front and back making it easy to customize and make your own.

Coast - Stylish Email Template

22. Leaflet Corporate Newsletter ( $ 15 )

Leaflet is a corporate, business newsletter template containing 3 background shades, 3 color variations and 4 different layout. It is easy to customize by simply copying and pasting code.

Leaflet Corporate Newsletter

23. UniversalNewsletter – Clean Email Template ( $ 13 )

UniversalNewsletter is a very clean and modern business oriented HTML email newsletter template. Neutral and simple look is a great starting point to build your own email campaign.

UniversalNewsletter - Clean Email Template

24. Kiana ($ 13)

The Kiana E-mail Template is MailChimp compatible and comes with 12 handcrafted Templates.



25. The Ruby E-mail Template ( $ 12 )

The Ruby E-mail Template makes use of very attractive minimalistic design as well as clean, valid commented code.

The Ruby E-mail Template


26. Art&Design – Horizontal Email Template ( $ 11 )

A beautifully minimalistic and customizable email theme, where you can present you products in a professional email marketing program.


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