50 Inspirational QR Code Business Cards

A few days ago, I wrote an article on 25 Green Business Cards Design Inspiration. Below you will find 50 inspirational QR Code business cards that I have found on the web. Quick Response Code, or as most people call it “QR Code,” is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode. In recent years it has become common in consumer advertising and packaging. This powerful marketing tool is a great way to add a creative touch to your product.

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Here are 50 Inspirational QR Code Business Cards

1. Perforated Business Card


2. Peipei Yu’s Cards


3. Formgarten


4. Wild Hair




6. Debadge


7. Strumpets Crumpets


8. Wanda Business Cards


9. Shelby Montross QR Code Letterpress


10. Nightshade Labs


11. Reblis


12. Big Fat Media


13. Fridgehead


14. Tom Neal Film


15. 23rd and 5th


16. Soren Ragsdale


17. Digibrand


18. Codeschmiede


19. 32degrees business card


20. Planet10tech business card with QR Code


21. Drew Hornebin


22. Kayma


23. Casey Templeton


24. Barefoot Media


25. Stephanie Obodda


26. Tatadbb


27. b-type design


28. Philippe Creux Business Card


29. Reshaw Personal QR Card


30. ME&Serendipity


31. Metaform Cards


32. ShopSavvy Card


33. Social Bendodson


34. Soul Visual


35. NightOwl Craftworks


36. Geng Gao


37. Lanec Technologies


38. Marc Heatley


39. Thinktechnica


40. Trifecta


41. Rodion Kovenkin Photography


42. ivm Web Solutions


43. Dash Magazine


44. Comando Patches


45. Drew Hornebin


46. Chocolate Graphics


47. Durden Outdoor


48. Katie Carroll


49. Taylord Productions


50. QR Communiceert

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