10 Best of HTML5 Tools for Web Designers

Web development has reached new heights with the release of HTML 5. The tools provided in HTML 5 have brought in significant number of changes in the look and feel of the websites. The designers and developers are now having a larger variety of options available at their hand to make the website look even more presentable and attractive.

The purpose of the tools may vary, but the final outcome produced by the use of the tool is very effective and of high quality. The difference which these tools provide benefits ranging from accelerated development to time savings. The tools that we will discuss vary in functionality from those that have basic characteristics as well as tools that accomplish meticulous tasks.

It is at the discretion of the web developer to use the apt tools in accordance to the needs of the website development work. The tools are advantageous in their own way and help web developers automate a lot of repetitive tasks or set up basic framework from more advanced tasks. This article looks into a few of the tools which are considered to be the best tools amongst the lot.

1. Less Framework

This tool helps in developing responsive design. It is a front end framework which provides a straight forward approach to building the grid framework layout. This tool helps developers get the best out of HTML5 combined with fluid grids to allow sites to be viewed on multiple devices.


2. Mock ups

This is a tool which is used to create various concepts such as wire frames, and UI related concepts. It is also used to initiate a mockup or prototypes for the actual website. It helps the designer to use the full creativity with the tools provided. It forms a base for creating the actual website with full grace.


3. Sprite Box

This tool involves the usage of ‘what you see is what you get’ concept. It allows the designer to create a website with the help of a single sprite image. Aligning of sprite images in the block section is the primary principle behind the functionality of the tool.


4. Create M

Content management based interface can be easily worked and edited by the use of the create.js. This provides a very adaptable and useful environment for the designer to work on the content management field.


5. Literally Canvas

Online drawing tools have become a popular trend in the web development world today. Literally Canvas is one such popular drawing tool. It provides a variety of features and options such as erase, pan and zoom. This enhances the experience of drawing and sketching online.


6. Kick Start

One of the most recent tools that have become an instant hit in the web development space is KickStart. The tool provides creative and visually appealing solutions right from UI components to responsive layout of grid type.


7. Initializr

Initializr is a great tool for web designers working with HTML 5 or looking forward to it. It provides an environment which allows the developer to choose the tools which are required and start up with the work. It makes a budding developer learn a lot about designing.


8. VideoJs

A website is more attractive if it showcases certain beautiful videos. This tool provides an easy approach for the developers to embed videos in the website. It ensures the compatibility of the video across browsers as well.


9. Font Dragr

Testing of fonts which are attractive and suitable for website is a tedious process. The tool provides an easy interface which allows the designer to test the font in the website with a mere drag and drop functionality.


10. Speakker

It is an audio player available with HTML 5. This works across different browsers and facilitates perfect synchronization between HTML 5 and sound. It comes in two varieties and has numerous options for customization and other details. It can be easily set up with only a few lines of coding.


The tools vary in the way they help the designer and developer, but one thing is sure – they are an absolute blessing when it comes to assisting the developers getting high quality work done in a productive manner.

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