Ferroslider 2 : Simple and Responsive jQuery Sliding Plugin

A simple, powerful, responsive and customizable jQuery sliding plugin. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3. It allows you to organize the contents of websites in a unusual and cool way and navigate through them with a sliding effect.

You can organize any type of content, such as images, text, pages, lists and so on. You can use it as a sliding gallery or as slider for a one-page-website.

The contents can be positioned and organized as you want: by row, by column or using a custom displacement, also called “The Matrix”.

FerroSlider uses standard HTML and CSS rules and is responsive and compatible with all the major browsers and with the two main mobile environments, Android and iOS.

Requirements: jQuery
Website and Download: http://www.alessandroferrini.it/lab/jQueryPlugins/ferroSlider/docs/
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
License: MIT License

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