Nurturing the Sales Tunnel Using Social Media [Infographic]

Since social media has gone from being a trend for millennials to keep up with each other, to a legitimate part of many people’s daily lives, the role of using it as a marketing tool has become more and more apparent. Marketing using social media, like the original users of the tool, was largely relegated to a few innovative companies taking a shot in the dark.

Several years later, however, and the companies that are still not taking advantage of the reach of social media are few, and far between. The fact that consumers are turning to social media to get their information, and–thus–make purchasing decisions is clear evidence of the power that the Internet holds. This infographic, provided by, explains how businesses can create a clear, effective social media strategy, with the intent of changing the way that they approach sales…for the better.

Russel Cooke is a journalist and customer Customer Relationship Management expert located in Louisville, KY. His work often covers customer satisfaction, social media marketing, and the future of small business.

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