Wonderful Paper Illustration by Hemali Vadalia

Here is remarkable paper illustration by Hemali Vadalia Mumbai-based artist. She creates great artworks and illustrations made of paper. She make illustrations and animations for ads, magazine houses, publishers of iOS games, websites, storybooks. Visit her website and behance page to view more of her portfolio.

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Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-01 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-02 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-03 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-04 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-05 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-06 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-07 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-08 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-09 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-10 Hemali-Vadalia-Paper-Artwork-11

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