10 Best Events Joomla Template with Profesional Look

Joomla is a sophisticated CMS that become popular among small and big businesses. It is extremely customizable, suitable for pretty much any purpose.  In this post, we present a collection of 10 Events Joomla template with Profesional Look. These event Joomla templates perfect for Events, Conferences, Concerts, Workshops, Festivals and Exhibitions. websites.

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MeetUp Conference Event Joomla template brings us tons of amazing featured sections for Speakers, Event Schedule, FAQ’s, Registration Form and a location map. With many cutting-edge features, Meetup will surely never make you disappointed.

Event Joomla Template 01



Mievent is a Clean, Fully Responsive, Modern Joomla Theme that is perfectly designed for Events, Conferences, Concerts, Workshops, Festivals and Exhibitions.

Event Joomla Template 02



Promote your next conference or event with a clear and confident event landing page.

Event Joomla Template 03



Eventory is a new Joomla Template based on Plazart Framework. In addition, Eventory is a Responsive Joomla Template, which supports Bootstrap well. Therefore, your template will fit automatically with the screen size of the device and display all contents in the simple way.

Event Joomla Template 04



Eventus is a clean and modern event oriented Joomla 2.5.X and Joomla 3.X Template. Eventus comes with 5 dedicated home pages: conference, car expo, winter sport event, charity event and fashion show

Event Joomla Template 05


JSN Venture

JSN Venture is the perfect template for all nightclub and disco bar websites. It is an outstanding Joomla! template inspired by the flat style and with an intensive background that will amaze you from the first look.

Event Joomla Template 06


Event Planner

Very nice Joomla template for Event planner

Event Joomla Template 07



If you are an event planner, you need a special website, rendering a lively atmosphere of the party. This template is exactly what you are searching for. Consider its uncommon design. We mean the creative division of content areas with the help of slanted lines.

Event Joomla Template 08



If you are an event planner, your target audience is really unlimited from stay at home moms to business corporations. So, you should be ready to cater to any requirements

Event Joomla Template 09



The design of the template looks fresh thanks first of all to blurred background combining dark tones. Aptly matched pictures from the slider would emphasize the high level of events your agency offers to plan.

Event Joomla Template 10



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