20 Best Joomla Charity Templates for non-profit Website

If you’re looking to create a Charity website for yourself or client, check out these 20 Best Joomla Charity Templates for non-profit Website. These Joomla Charity template will help you to build your non profit website in no time to your linking with minimal effort and coding knowledge.

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20 Best Joomla Charity Templates for non-profit Website


Riana – is a creative, clients need, professional Joomla template powered by T3 framework. Its a feature rich, flexible and easy to use template which may cover all of your needs to make a website for charity/non-profit/fund rising organization.

Joomla Charity Template 01



Generous is fully hand crafted, simple, flat and clean with huge features template which build by Warp 7.3 Framework. It’s specially design for non profit organization such as charity, child care, orphan, lorn etc

Joomla Charity Template 02



Charity template is a clean, modern but user friendly Joomla template which is typically created for agencies with 05 elegant home versions and some popular pages such as blogs, portfolio, cause, event, hikashop and forum.

Joomla Charity Template 03



Grant is a premium charity, donation, and non-profit template. It is especially designed for NGO, Non-profit organization, donations, church, charity website.

Joomla Charity Template 04



Dreamer is a clean, elegant, and flexible Joomla Template which designed for charity, non-profit organization, NGO, donation, fund-raising websites to feature their Events and collect Donations.

Joomla Charity Template 05



Vision is a clean and responsive Joomla 3.0.x Template. It will best suit for a Nonprofit site. Vision is configured with a lot of option

Joomla Charity Template 06


ZT Charity

ZT Charity has a clean custom homepage with a large layer slider, amazing Custom HTML modules, Drop-down Mega menu, ZT Tabs, ZT News module and a lot more. You can build professional and modern websites with this template.

Joomla Charity Template 07



ZT Charitable is an elegant Joomla Template for Charity & Crowdfunding with predefined web elements which helps you to build your own site. ZT Charitable is suitable for charity, NGO, non-profit organization, donation, church or a fundraising website.

Joomla Charity Template 08



Lighthouse is an intuitive responsive Joomla! Template built with churches and non-profit/charity organizations in mind. Lighthouse comes packed with various extensions and an interactive admin option panel.

Joomla Charity Template 09



OneCause is a premium charity & non-profit template built on Joomla 3 CMS. This theme is great for any business, photography, portfolio or corporate company looking for a clean and minimal design.

Joomla Charity Template 10



Churchy is a Responsive Joomla Church Template. The Template is powered by Warp Framework and is fully internationalized and has been tested in all major browsers so you can be sure your users will see your website correctly.

Joomla Charity Template 11



SJ Charly – an intuitive responsive Joomla! Template built for churches, religious and non-profit/charity organizations websites.

Joomla Charity Template 12



Venture is a clean and responsive Joomla 3.0.x Template. It will best suit for a Nonprofit site. Venture is configured with a lot of option

Joomla Charity Template 13



Inligra is a minimalist Joomla template tailor-made for charities and social foundations. It provides advanced navigation by means of a mega menu. Besides links, its capacious dropdown panel can feature CTA elements and info of different kinds.

Joomla Charity Template 14



Charity events Joomla template was designed to meet the needs of social-related websites, ranging from charity organization to family web projects. Its rich Bootstrap functionality helps to set up the desired site with a huge potential.

Joomla Charity Template 15



The theme was created for charity organizations. Logo and search form of the charity Joomla theme are placed on the text bar over the slider images. Main menu has lowered position. Company mission and programs are featured in the lists.

Joomla Charity Template 16



Here is a responsive charity Joomla template based on the 1170 Grid System and powered by the mobile first framework, Bootstrap. Use this feature rich theme to inform people about the mission of your philanthropic organization and motivate them to make a donation through your site.

Joomla Charity Template 17



To avoid jingling in their pockets, people often drop the loose change into charity jars at cash desks. However, when it comes to donating a larger sum of money, almost everyone starts searching for excuses not to do it. If you want to impel individuals to contribute to charities, this template will come in handy.

Joomla Charity Template 18



Thanks to its visual side, you will touch people’s hearts and arouse a feeling of compassion for miserable children, which will motivate them for generous donations.

Joomla Charity Template 19


Charity Association

Caring for needy people is a noble mission that all nonindifferent are involved in. If you are one of those or just want to become the one, think about starting a charity site to share welfare online.

Joomla Charity Template 20

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