20 Examples of Witch Illustration Design

In this post we present 20 witch illustration design from graphic designer around the world. We collected some of the most interesting witch illustration that we could find, and we hope that they will generate lots of new ideas.

Our favourite witch illustration designs are Casting, Petite Witch, Silly Witches, Macbeth Witches, and Little Witch.  What do you think about them? Let us know in the comment section below.

See also:

Miyazaki Tribute


Witch Halloween Card




Madam Bunion’s Restaurant and Gifts


Oh No….Bubble Gum…


Petite Witch


Black magic woman




Silly Witches


Halloween Witch


Macbeth Witches – a Gouache Demo


Powerpuff Bayonetta


Night Mage


Baba Yaga


Crystal Witch


Character design illustration of the witch


Matching Scarves




Fly My Pretties


Little Witch

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