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How to Design a Great Logo [Infographic]

Most logos communicate ideas, for instance the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. Want to know how to design a great logo like a professional? Then this infographic for you…Learn how big brands created their logos, and …

The Timeline of Photoshop [Infographic]

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-standard for image editor software. Over the last 25 years it has edited billions of images, and along the way has made itself the byword for image editing. Photoshop is mainly used for bitmap image and to do …

Packaging Trends for 2015 [Infographic]

Sometimes, life gives us lessons sent in beautiful packaging! Packaging plays a key role in conveying products’ assets to solidify those connections with consumers. Learn something valuable with these unique trends in the packaging design industry and tell us about the ones …