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Architecture Photography by Giorgio Stefanoni

The Milan-Based photographer Giorgio Stefanoni brings us a different perspective on Milanese architecture. He present journey through shapes and colours of lesser-known architectures of Milan in his series “Unknown Geometries”. He captured images of lesser-known geometric structures combined with a blue sky. …

Colorful Architecture Photos by Yener Torun

A stunning series of colorful architecture photography by Yener Torun. He is a talented 32 years old self taught photographer and profesional architector based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Vibrant and minimalistic, he finds unique structures to photograph around the city.

Stunning Architecture Photography by Sebastian Weiss

A little series of architecture photography by Sebastian Weiss. He is a photographer, graphic designer and civil engineer from Hamburg.  His architectural photography show the elegant details of modern buildings, often turning these details into fascinating abstract artworks of their own. Visit …

Urban Photo Series by Jared Lim

A set of Urban Photo by Jared Lim, Singapore-based photographer. This series exploring geometric patterns in urban environment. In urban areas, he make first come out the lines and curves, preferring the pattern to the whole building. Check out extra of Jared Lims work here. See …

Munich Urban Architecture Photograph by Nick Frank

A few days ago we posted Urban Architectural Photography by Nick Frank. In this post we will shoh another architecture photography project by Nick Frank. He was exploring repetitive geometric shapes and colorful patterns in Munich urban architecture. You can see many …

Urban Architectural Photography by Nick Frank

Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.  In this post we have compiled a list of  urban architectural photography by Nick Frank. He is an Munich/Germany based Art …

Beautiful Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan

Just a few days ago, we posted 25 Creative Office Workspaces Design Inspirations. In this post we will talk about Beautiful Cloud House that designed by McBride Charles Ryan. The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house …