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Packaging Designs Inspiration #7

Packaging it’s not just about the actual box or label. The primary function of packaging is to protect your product, but also is to attract. Your package is your brand ambassador.  Here we have collected 7 packaging design part 7 for your inspiration. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. See also: 4

Logo Wars [Infographic]

A logo is an essential part of your company brand. It works together with elements such as your website, collateral, brand promise, and marketing efforts to set the tone for your company as a whole in the public arena. A good logo design is one that is memorable, attractive and passes the test of time.

20 Interesting Designs of Spider Logo

Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth. Just as the Spider weaves a web, spider symbol reminder that our choices construct our lives. Spider also represents cunning, progressive, female, cyclical, rebirth, death, crafty, resourceful, creation, protection and fate. Various businesses are using spider in their brand images specially for technology company. Here

25 Turtle Logo Design Inspiration

We like looking at logos, especially if they are good looking. Designing a logo is one of the hard and time taking part of designers life. All logos should be memorable and able to integrate with organitation. Various businesses are using turtles in their brand images and, depending on the industry they represent, they can