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Photoswipe: Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery

Photoswipe is a responsive JavaScript image gallery that work perfect for desktop and mobile device. It is modular and framework independent image gallery that inspired by the iOS photo viewer and Google images for mobile. PhotoSwipe provides your visitors with a familiar and intuitive interface allowing them to interact with images on your mobile website.

Responsive Display Retina Images with Dense.js

Dense is a jQuery plugin for serving retina-ready, high pixel ratio images with ease. Small, ease-to-adapt, yet very customizable and works cross-browser. It easy way to serve device pixel ratio aware images, bringing in retina support to your website. Clear the blurry, images be crisp. Dense will run on any modern web browser, and is

BitcoinJS : JavaScript Bitcoin library for node.js and browser

BitcoinJS  is a pure JavaScript Bitcoin library for node.js and browser. It is the clean, readable, proven library for Bitcoin JavaScript development. It enabling developers to build Bitcoin (and now altcoin) wallets and applications using JavaScript. It support for advanced features, such as multi-sig, HD Wallets. It is fast, optimized code, uses typed arrays instead