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20 Shark Logo for Inspiration

Shark is world’s greatest predator, and therefore symbolizes power and fearlessness.In Australia, the shark is respected and is considered a sacred symbol of the connection between the sea and land. Shark are associated with galculating, perceptive, primal, instinctive, ancient, knowing, powerful, focused, mystery, dynamic, curious, effective, innovative, superior, efficient, equipped and unique vision. Various businesses

40 Creative Owl Logo for Inspiration

As we know, Owl are a symbol of wisdom. Owl also symbol of education and it is commonly used as a graduation mascot. Many traditions have linked features to the owl such as intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power and knowledge Various businesses are using owl their brand images. Here are the 40 creative owl logo design

20 Funny Panda Logo for Inspiration

The panda is a well-known symbol of Chinese culture. The contrasting coloring of black and white of a Panda’s fur is representative differences in cultures. The Panda as a totem also represents diplomacy because of the history of China gifting Giant Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries. Panda are associated withsolitude, fertility issues, adaptability. Here