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You stepped into that store and tried to grab on to a good greeting . It is your best friend's wedding or anniversary and you are not in a mood to let him or her down. Greeting cards are a way of expressing what you feel for them that you wish only the best for them and bless them with your happiness – ah! It is touchy!

But let us come back to our point – that is definitely much more complicated than an ordinary greeting card. If you are holding a party and this time it is going to be a huge number of people who are going to turn up, you are sure that you don't want to sit and make the cards all by yourself! Why – it will take you whole day!

So, I was organizing this party for my little one – Amanda; it was her second birthday and more glamorous. It was supposed to be a theme party and Cinderella was the favorite. Trust me, I cannot explain how happy I was when I found out about beanprint and the kind of designs that they were involved into.

All I had to do was pick and choose and send and look – there was the order! Right in front of me in 24 hours! Never have I been so satisfied with the service of one of the best card designers. Come on, I mean it does take time but not with these expert guys I got for me!

Here are some of the factors that I explicitly took care of for Amanda. It was her birthday and that too thematic and a special one at it!

  • The theme and the card matched
  • The message was very clear
  • The venue of the party
  • The theme code of the party
  • The duration and all related information
  • The size of the card
  • The finishing of it (That was my personal add-on)

You need to understand that your card requirements are different and that you should be able to explicitly convey what your motive of the invitation card is. Some people prefer it simple and sober, some like with mild humor, some like it additionally goofy – each is up to their personal taste.

At the end when the card came out beautifully, it was too amazing and too beautiful and I can say that though my daughter doesn't understood it quite well, it somehow gathered her attention and that was enough. It was good enough to prove that my card had done the trick and that many others were going to be equally mesmerized and enchanted by the theme and the card and the party – A pretty Cinderella!

Written by christo1985

Chris is a Digital Marketing design head and what he likes the most is the way print designs create magic. Located in the beautiful town of Surrey with a picturesque landscape to fill in imagination.

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