Get Followed: 10 Golden Tips For Instagram

Get Followed: 10 Golden Tips For Instagram

Instagram is a site that allows you to post some of you amazing pictures instantly, straight from your mobile phones. Like any other successful site such as “twitter”, is much fun when you have many followers. The big question is, “how do you attract more followers”? To answer this question, you need to equip yourself with adequate knowledge and various techniques used in instagram. In this brief article, am going talk about some the tips and techniques you can use to attract more followers to your page.

Below are some of the 10 most amazing techniques you can use to increase your instagram followers.

1. Invite friends

This is the basic technique to start with. As you know, instagram allows you to locate friends in the different social networks. In addition, it also allows you to find contacts in your phone book. It turns your customer data into phone contacts and then allows you to follow them on their instagram pages. By doing this, it increases your followers in that; most of the people you follow will also follow you.

2. Create an Attractive Profile

When people visit your page, the first thing their eyes come to contact with is your personal profile. I it clearly known that most people judge others with how they present themselves during their first contact. Hence, most followers will judge you from what they see in your profile. While describing yourself, let people see the best in you. However, this does not encourage creation of a utopian profile. You should not be carried away and create a fancy profile that looks so un-real. On your description, just tell people who you are and what they should expect from you. Create a captivating title that will draw more attention. An example of such a title can be “New York's Street Paparazzi”. This will surely attract more people especially those who are interested in paparazzi photos.

3. Make use of the Hashtags to Increase Your Follower's List

In order to get more followers, you need to get to in front of the right people. Using hashtags is the best option when you want to get more followers. If you are a wildlife photographer, search for more wildlife photographers using the hashtags e.g. #wildlife. Hashtags can also be used in different other ways. You can create your personalized hashtags and encourage your users to use them. The beauty of using these hashtags is that they allow flexibility in creating many different awareness campaigns that people will want to follow.

4. Make Good Use of The Peak Traffic Times.

If you enjoy posting comments on photos, I have good news for you. You can do it through your computer by using statigam. In addition, statigam allows you to find your traffic peak hours. How does statigam work? Just search for the relevant hashtags, select the list view, start going through the photos and leave comments whenever necessary. It is fast, reliable and efficient.

5. Follow People Who are Likely to Follow You

You should follow people who will follow you. Remember, the people you follow are like competitors. By following them, you increase their potential followers' platform since your followers can view them. Food for thought.

6. Connect to Different Social Networks

Share your instagram profile on the different social media platforms. As we know, the social media network is one of the biggest places to carry out advertising and marketing. Using your social network page, you can request your friends, friends' friends and others to follow you on instagram. You can post some of the most attractive pictures you have on these sites. People will generate the anxiety to see more thus are likely to follow you.

7. Always Engage Your Followers

It is advisable to be in constant communication with your followers. Ask them to leave reviews, comments and to rate the different photos. Also, you should be willing to respond to each comment in a friendly manner even if you are been criticized. In addition, you should be posting photos regularly. Avoiding posting a single photo after a long duration of time since people will get bored and stop following you.

8. Avoid Scams and Spams

Some crazy people may do anything just to get more followers. They end up developing spammy techniques to attract more followers. In many cases, these techniques have afterward repercussions to the instragramers using them. Forget about buying followers, trading likes for follows, begging for shout out and so on. These techniques are doomed to fail. In addition, you should not use spammy hashtags. Other people try to tag some of their photos with ever possible hash-tags. From my personal experience, am aware that instagram gives you the same amount of hashtags exposure no matter how many hash-tags you use. It goes without saying, very long hashtags are not attractive to the potential followers you are looking for. Thus, keep the number of hashtags reasonable and avoid spammy hashtags.

9. Partner With Different Instagram Influencers

The best way to attract more potential followers is by partnering with people who have a wide scope of instagram followers. You can use their platforms to post pictures that will attract their followers to follow you. Various huge companies may also offer you the opportunity to post their amazing photos in your page. Such photos can attract the customers of these companies to follow you.

10. Avoid Bulk Picture Posting

Getting new followers is easy; the difficult part is maintaining them. Once you get new followers, it is important that you keep them. If you post too many photos at once, a majority of followers might stop following you especially if the photos were not as per their expectations. However, if you post single unique photos, you cannot lose any of your followers. In addition, ensure that your photos will always leave a good impression to the view thus giving him or her valid reason to visit your site again.

These are the 10 amazing tips and techniques to use in order to attract more followers. If you follow these tips to the letter, you are guaranteed that you will increase the number of potential followers by a huge percentage. Keep posting, sharing your photos and increase a followers.

Written by Derek Fraser

Derek Fraser is an online manager for Hermance - cutterhead. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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