Top 10 Ways How a Student can Expand a Free Website

Nowadays students are taking keen interest in building their own websites and that too free for the betterment of their future career. They are interested to produce one for their educational work, or upcoming professional work. The lines amid the platforms, wiki platforms and blogging platforms, though may be available, but are not always apparent.

Few students are not having a web presence, but want to create one for them. Well websites are great for offering a good source of information; blogs provide the many updates and easy communication; and wiki is grand for cooperating on the formation of any reference website. If students want to develop a , we have listed here 10 excellent platforms that they can try.


Weebly for Education

Weebly is considered as one of the best and first website building tools that is insightful as well as feature-rich platform. Weebly for Education is a superb resource for you students if you want to create your own free site. This covers every instinctive website-structuring and blogging tools set up on Weebly plus features constructed mainly for education. Weebly for Education provides mass formation of students' accounts so that they can personally produce their own blogs and sites applying the accounts.  

Top 10 Ways How a Student can Expand a Free Website



For constructing your own free site, Kafafa provides a huge collection of ad-free templates. When you have picked a template, it is very simple to edit contents of your site. For editing the text on the web page, you just need to chose the text box and begin typing. While editing other aspects of your website's pages, you can click on the edit, and insert the images, videos, and also hyperlinked texts applying the easy editor. If an email can be send by you, you can craft a site along with Kafafa.



If you already hold a Google account, then Google websites are already accessible to you. You only need to choose it from menu of services that are not being used by you. You can use huge ranges of templates and customize them on your website, which is actually provided by Google. You can even make additions of extra contributors to your website by just making a few clicks.


School Rack

School Rack provides the students with free accounts so that they can communicate freely with their teachers anytime they need their help and thus clear their doubts. Once their accounts are activated, the students can straightaway message whoever they want or further send messages to the groups that they have produced.



Yola is a tool that is applied to construct free websites, and it also stays free despite you adding lot of contents on the site. As this is free, you can keep on adding many audio/video contents to the site. Yola also offers fine tutorials and even forums for the students who are using it for the first time.



Yet another service that helps the students in building their free sites is Webs that includes all the features which you would anticipate to locate on a free site platform. With the help of Webs, websites can cover calendars, videos, polls and huge selection of third party widgets. Webs even provide a huge range of templates and layouts to pick from.



Known to be a free service, Lifeyo can craft attractive websites as well as blogs. The students will take hardly few seconds to craft a new site with Lifeyo. When they begin with Lifeyo, they have to penetrate a title for your website, select a design template, and further craft an account by getting into their email address. The creative, appealing and simple templates of Lifeyo will let you to add blog element in your site. If you are starting off online newly, incorporating a blog in the website is a favorable option altogether. Lifeyo even sustains by inserting numerous authors to your website.


Snap Pages

Snap Pages offers a free service and also a premium service for producing your custom free site that involves many more features for setting up the website. The students with the help of Snap pages can produce pages which are more accurate and specialized looking.


Web Node

Web Node is an easy method to form a free website. It is simple to utilize, drag as well as drop interface that formulates it even simpler to amend the appearance of your site. Web Node is a great tool for the students as they can apply for sharing their various works with huge audience. No advertising can be inserted by Web Note. Also the user interface is spontaneous for the first time student-users for navigating all by themselves.



Jimdo covers huge range of layouts, templates, editing options, and also background options. Jimdo is unique as it would let you to modify the pre-established designs and templates. It also includes few other integrates features that are really valuable. You also get an option to produce blogs as a significant feature of your site. You can even try out with email managing options in Jimdo.

The above 10 ways would certainly help the students in building their free websites as soon as possible for their personal benefit.

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