Multiple Exposure Portraits by Christoffer Relander

Christoffer Relander is a graphic designer and self-taught photographer from Finland. He is owner and photographer at Yx1 Visual. He is started photographing the summer of 2009.You can see many more shots on his website and prints are available over on Behance. In this post we will see multiple exposure portraitsby Christoffer Relander. In photography, multiple exposure is a technique in which a piece of film is exposed twice, to two different images. The resulting  photographic image shows the second image superimposed over the first. If youd ever tried yourself in multiple exposure photography you know how much fun is in it. The portraits below were taken by Christoffer Relander, and it is really worth to see them as they are Mind blowing examples of multiple exposureportraits .

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Here are multiple exposure portraits by Christoffer Relander

Snow Man

Narnia Woman




Wolf Portrait

Multiple Exposure Portraits (7)

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