Responsive Personal Site With Social Integration : Syte

Syte is powerful and responsive personal site with social media integration. It built with Django (Python), HTML5 + CSS3 and has a responsive layout. It will adjust itself to the screen size of various devices.

Syte can be integrated with many social media  like Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr,, SoundCloud and Bitbucket.

Syte uses Tumblr for blogging and will be the primary page of the site. For microblogging, it uses twitter, when someone clicks on a link that points to a user’s Twitter profile the profile is loaded within your site along with the user’s latest tweets.

There are also can be integrated with Bitbucket, SoundCloud, Instagram,, GitHub, Dribbble, Foursquare and GitHub.

Syte is responsive, which means that it scales down to a mobile device screen size. Syte uses the Django web framework to handle requests and call the integration APIs (with python). However it doesn’t necessarily need to be in Django since the majority of the work is on the frontend


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