40 Creative Wooden Business Cards Inspiration

The business card is one of the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your brand. Almost people think that wood business cards are just a concept. Because wood is unusual material for business cards. Today we would like to show you 40 Creative Wooden Business Cards Inspiration. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Don’t forget to share your comment in our comment section. 


2.  Woodhouse


3. Wooden Business Card


4. Giorgio Parise


5. Walts Wood Works


6. Christmas Themed Card


7. Carabiner Outdoor Connections


8. Mike James


9. Chipboard Letterpress


10. Whiskey Design’s Wood Business Card


11. Wood Business Cards


12. Korner Saunabau


13. Eduard Cehovin


14. Murillo Design


15. Fifth Floor Gallery


16. Derek Powaxer Wooden Business Cards


 17. James Jack


18. Courtney Danforth


19. B. Uhrig & Son


20. Dandee Wood Business Cards


21. Shark


22. FD Wooden Business Cards


23. Charles Perron


24.  Studio Mingus


25. Cinch Creative


26. Pearl Lee Q


27. Bullseye


28. 1scale1 Stick Figure


29. Green Washer


30. VersaLASER


31. Norburn Model Aircraft Supply


32. Macomix


33. Nissiwood Veneers


34. Western Red Cedar


35. Cody Maple ‘Maple Wood’


36. microwood


37. Petri Hurme


38. Brent Clowater


39. Laser Creative Canada


40. Monique Cardenas

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