20 High Quality Free USB Icons

USB / Universal Serial Bus is the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a bus for connection, communication and power supply between computers and electronic devices. Below is a collection of free high quality USB icons. You can apply these icons for any purpose, like folder icons to identify your USB drives.

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Mac USB Icons

Mac USB Icons quick draw photoshop cs4


Cruzer USB Drive Icons

Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Drive Icons. Includes 4 different colors (2 different versions – one with usb connecter out and the other with it retracted in) in png and icon format (256 x 256). Black, Blue, Red, and White.


iPhone USB Cable

Good choice as a replacement icon for iPhone Related Applications anyway.


USB Icon

Usb icon based on a notebook draw


USB Prober


USB removable disk icon

USB removable disk. Going inside screen.

USB Thumb and MINI Drives

26 USB Thumb and MINI Drive icons  and 6 template PSD Files.


USB Stick Icon

A quick icon. Includes icon from 512px down to 64px as PNG.


USB Sticks icon

USB Sticks… in many cool colors… 512×512 .PNG


Sony Micro Vault Click

Sony Micro Vault Click USB flash drive icons.


DataTraveler USB icons

A set of usb icons which is available in psd, icns and png file formats.


USB Disk Toshiba


Modern Memory USB – open

Modern Memory USB (open version) PNG x 256 and 128.



Usb Stick icon

Icons for usb customization created in photoshop cs4. the download icludes: 4 icons diferent size 490×343, 256×188, 128×128, 64×64


Super Talent Pico-C Icon



Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drive icon. Includes a total of 4 variations of horizontal, vertical, open and closed views in both .png and .ico formats.

Cruzer Crossfire USB Icons

Icons for one of the best looking USB sticks around! Comes with 3 icons, in both PNG and ICO format, ICO being 256×256 and PNG being 512×512. Comes with icons for the 1GB, 2GB and 4GB models


USB Icon


Usb Icon


Drive USB Alt 1 Icon


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