Physical Things Go Digital: Interactive Infographic about Skeuomorphic Design

Skeoumorphism means imitating real-world objects, materials and textures. It evokes real-life emotions of the viewers and invites them to touch, turn and push elements that look so familiar. Skeuomorphic design is opposite to flat UI design that is characterized by minimalism. Clean and clear is good, but cool scheomorphic elements can bring the desired coolness and attract more viewers. It’s a question which of these trends is better, but one thing is for sure, skeoumorphism is inviting and thus popular.
There are two types of skeoumorphism in web design: an auditory skeoumorphism and a visual one. The sounds that accompany your actions on the site (for example, a sound of turning pages) refer to the first one, and various textures resembling real things (wood, leather, paper, etc) make the second one.

We believe that would be a mistake to assume that skeoumorphism is a web product, because it is widely used in the real life. It can be found in different things around us: fake pockets, electric chandeliers with artificial candles, and many others.
People argue about everything, and skeoumorphism is not an exception. It has its pros and cons. Let’s start with pros. Users like it, ‘cause such designs look familiar. They are engaging and, as a result, sell well. Among the cons are anti-innovation features, sometimes misleading behavior and lack of universality (it’s not good for business sites, for example).

There are tons of skeuomorphic interfaces and websites, but there has been no infographics about skeuomorphism till today. So, we believe you’ll enjoy the infographics featured below. Btw, if you click on the image you’ll see the interactive version of the infographics and will get a chance to learn this technique in an exciting way.

skeuomorphic design infographic

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