10 Step Checklists to Build & Market a Successful App [Infographic]

Are you looking to build and market a successful app anytime soon? No, it is not an impossible feat but you need to be sure of what you’re doing. A clear course of action is crucial.

So, help your application reach its full potential with these 10 checklists.

  1. Decide what the unique selling point of your app is going to be. Giving it a catchy name is a good beginning. Now think about the platform (iOS, Android, or Windows).
  2. What are you giving different from your competitors? Rate your app based upon pricing, content quality, navigational controls and usability.
  3. There’s nothing like web marketing! Don’t forget to enumerate the benefits of your app on your company website.
  4. Stick to the agreements and policies associated with the App Store to ensure a seamless launch.
  5. Before the full-fledged launch, test the waters with selective previews. Generated feedbacks will help with the next course of action.
  6. Optimization with App Store is crucial so that that your app stays before the eyes of your audience as frequently as possible time.
  7. Get creative with your marketing with infographics, videos, teaser trailers, or images.
  8. Creating buzz in the social media circuits is extremely important so don’t ignore this aspect of marketing.
  9. Use every possible vehicle of online and traditional marketing in form of press releases and company profiles.
  10. Plan your budget and distribute funds as required in different marketing channels has PR activities, off-line, and online advertising.

Who said you need luck to make your app a success? Just capitalize on your marketing and operational opportunities with the above checklists.

Source: http://www.dotcominfoway.com/blog/infographic-10-step-checklist-to-build-and-market-a-successful-app

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10 Step Checklists to Build & Market a Successful App

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