6 Unmissable WordPress Plugins for your Ecommerce Website

Among the online businesses raking in some serious moolah, Ecommerce is probably the most muscle-bound. Brands, big and the startups, have resorted to the Ecommerce way of seeling their stuff to a user base that is ever expanding. And if you are one of those professionals contemplating setting up an online store, it is the the question of which CMS to choose that is bothering you the most.

Now, if hosting a popular website in town is on your agenda, you can choose any of the array of platforms available. But, if you are planning to set up a store that rings loud with an audience that is global, WordPress should be the most obvious choice. The formidable power, the customization capability and the security features of WordPress make it the de facto best platform for creating an Ecommerce website. But that’s not all. If the default features of the theme you choose aren’t exactly cutting ice with you, you can go with these exceptionally useful plugins to extend your store’s features to cater to the ever-increasing demand of the users (and they can contribute in creating more demand as well.)

So, here is a roundup of — such plugins that must find a place in your Ecommerce website:


When you have a tool that is lightweight in terms of the load it puts on your website, but heavyweight when it comes to adorning the site with unrivaled capabilities, missing out on it will amount to sheer mistake. Eshop is a WordPress plugin that happens to be amazingly user and server friendly but it lends your website with a structure that navigating across the items on it is a sheer pleasure. It helps you keep the site’s layout clutter-free. It can also help you bolster the payment gateway on the site in terms of its user-friendliness and its security.



The plugins is designed to woo you with its ensemble of highly capable and dynamic features. It is one of the most formidable plugins out there that can empower you to measure the performance of your business in a most seamless manner. You can check the sales through the dashboard widget that it displays and based on that study, you can design your shop accordingly. For website owners who intend to design a website that sells a massive range of products, Woocommerce serves as a great tool to keep the website well structured and light. A neat and attractive product catalogue will always serve you well, and using this tool, you can create one without a fuss.


WP E-Commerce Plugin

WP e-commerce is unarguably one of the most popular plugins among the Ecommerce website owners, and it can be owed to its proven benefits. Again, it serves as a resourceful tool for enhancing the payment gateway of the site and equipping you with more than one payment options like Paypal to facilitate on your site.


PayPal Payment Terminal

As the name suggests, it assists you with setting up the Paypal system on your site. Also, it lends a better sense of structure to the site in respect to how consumers view the products and offerings – arranging them in the order of their preferences. Do make use of custom fields for getting greater control over how the online store works


Cart 66 Lite

The plugin stays true to its name and doesn’t burden your server with a large setup of files. In its use however, this is a formidable plugin that doesn’t fall short on features. The plugin has a feature by which it can integrate Amazon S3 with your offerings. And if you have been troubled with the shipping issues, this plugin has an answer for those as well.


Quick Shop Plugin

The Quick Shop plugin is the most ideal solution for those looking to make their Ecommerce site slicker and faster. The plugin vests your site up with the most avant-grade features one of its most attractive features is the shopping cart which gets displayed right there on the sidebar as the customers choose the products they have to buy.

Get one or more of these Ecommerce plugins installed on your site and see it take a great leap towards formidable functionality, enhancing your business value by a great measure.

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