Surreal Photo Manipulations by Amandine Van Ray

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Amandine Van Ray, a talent digital artist from Tallinn, Estonia. She created a whole fantasy world using photo manipulation techniques. Her impressive skills and boundless imaginations makes her mix of digital art and the subject’s expressions an amazing masterpiece. Scroll down to see some of her works.

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photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-01 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-02 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-03 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-04 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-05 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-06 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-07 photo-manipulations-by-amandine-van-ray-08

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