Wonderful 3D Typography by Rizon Parein

WOnderful 3d typography work by Belgian designer Rizon Parein. He started in the early nineties as a graffiti writer with a strong passion for 3d letter styles. When quitted school at age of 17 he started with graphic design to make a living, the school of Hard Knocks. Check out extra of Rizon Parein work here.

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3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-01 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-02 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-03 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-04 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-05 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-06 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-07 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-08 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-09 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-10 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-11 3d-typography-by-rizon-parein-12

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