3D Digital Artworks by Yenue

Here is wonderful series of 3D digital artworks by Yenue, an independent designer based in London. Comprised of 3D illustrations, still life and photography, the artist’s handiwork is diverse and terrific with no boundaries on its executions.

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3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-01 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-02 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-03 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-04 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-05 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-06 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-07 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-08 3d-digital-artworks-by-yenue-09

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