Packaging Designs Inspiration #50

Packaging it’s not just about the actual box or label. The primary function of packaging is to protect your product, but also is to attract. Your package is your brand ambassador.  Like every monday, here we are showcasing the best packaging design for your inspiration.

Here we have collected 7 packaging inspiration part 50 for your inspiration. This list selected by some of the Smashfreakz writers and users. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful showcaseand will inspire you to create your own project. Enjoy!

See also:

Muscat by Panfilov & Yushco Cg

muscat-01 muscat-02 muscat-03 muscat-04


Big Bear by Brosmind

big-bear-01 big-bear-02


Monarch Playing Cards by theory11

monarch-playing-cards-01 monarch-playing-cards-02 monarch-playing-cards-03 monarch-playing-cards-04 monarch-playing-cards-05


NOMONO New Zealand Freestyle APA

nomono-01 nomono-02 nomono-03

Bigelow Tea by Brielle Wilson

bigelow-01 bigelow-02 bigelow-03


Boulangerie Paper Bags by Tough Slate Design

boulangerie-paper-bags-01 boulangerie-paper-bags-02 boulangerie-paper-bags-03 boulangerie-paper-bags-04


Diesel Perfume by Hossam Moustafa

diesel-perfume-01 diesel-perfume-02 diesel-perfume-03 diesel-perfume-04 diesel-perfume-05

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