Stunning Landscape Photography by Derek Kind

This series is a set of stunning landscapes captured by Canadian photographer Derek Kind.

“An enthusiastic traveller, my camera has been a constant companion at home and abroad – including trips to Iceland, Israel, New England and the western United States.

I feel most at home shooting nature and landscapes but also enjoy portraits and the creative freedom of studio and conceptual photography.” Derek Kind

landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-01 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-02 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-03 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-04 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-05 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-06 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-07 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-08 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-09 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-10 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-11 landscape-photography-by-derek-kind-12

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