8 Tips to Create Impressive UX Design of your Game App [Infographic]

Ever wondered how the big players in the game app market like King, Supercell and more, reached the pinnacle of success in no time? Candy Crush gained popularity in a fortnight, what could be the possible reason for it given the fact it is a simple match 3 game?

The answer to these questions lies in what game is capable of catering to the masses. Tetris, a primitive match 3 game, is not as impressive when compared to Candy Crush. Possible Reason? User Experience is what separates the two. The UI/UX design of candy crush immediately enchants the player and player is motivated to keep on playing the game. Engaging animations and reward points keep the player stick to the game. As a result, almost every third person was obsessed with Candy Crush, Candy Crush saga, Indian Rummy and many more such games.

Intuitive and interactive UI is expected out of a game app otherwise, it will suck big time in the app market. The Game app is designed to entertain players so it becomes imperative on the part of the developers to pay attention towards creating a great user experience. If done correctly, an impressive UI/UX can take you to riches and your game app can become an overnight sensation among the players.

A brief insight into the UX design is described below in this cool infographic to help you create the best experience for your users.

Tips to design game app UX[infographic]

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