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Time Machine : Architectural Photography by Balint Alovits

Time Machine is series of bauhaus sprial staircases in Budapest, Hungary. This series created by Budapest-based photographer Balint Alovits. The bauhaus itself, was a dominant architectural tendency in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, between 1930 and 1948. Large residential buildings, cinemas, churches and even an airport was built in this style, in particular in Újlipótváros in the XIII. district,

Villa-Maria Station : Architecture Photography by Sam Chenennou

A little series of architecture photography by Sam Chenennou of Villa-Maria metro station. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The station was designed by André Léonard and contains mural sculptures by the architect.  Sam Chenennou is a professional photographer & graphic designer based on Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Visit his  behance page to view more of his portfolio. See

Motion in Air by Mike Campau

This series of images freezes a moment of time in each dancer’s aerial maneuver, and turns their movements into static sculptures that represents their motion and style. Original shots were stock photography and stylized to fit within the scene, sculptures and sets created entirely CGi. Series created by Mike Campau. He has over 15 years