40+ Coffee Logo Inspiration

Here is a unique coffee inspiration with designs that will literally make you want to sit at a coffeeshop, cafe or restaurant. These coffee logos are highly detailed and have been designed with high standards in mind.

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1. Coffee Bean

This logo is designed for coffee shops, or websites about coffee, coffee fans.

40+ Coffee Logo Inspiration

2. Blue World Coffee

Logo with eroded style ideal for any coffee business roasters both organic and non organic coffee beans from around the world with eco-friendly ideas.

3. Legion Coffee

Elegant logo for bistros, cafes, restaurants or coffee shop chains, coffee retailer, supplier of Automatic Coffee Machines and anything in the coffee business.

4. Coffee tree

Great logo for an espresso stand, baristas, coffee house, cafe, coffee grower roaster or distributor, coffee packaging.

5. Coffee Maze

A logo for a coffee brake game site/community or even a real board game. Sip coffee and play games while you rest from work. Strong, memorable, unique icon.

6. Amoredcoffee

Custom Stencil/Army Font representing a coffee cup and an abstract tank!  suitable for local bistros/cafes, restaurants or coffee shop chains, coffee retailer, supplier of Automatic Coffee Machines and anything in the coffee business


Suitable for local bistros/cafes, restaurants, or coffee shop chains, coffee retailer, supplier of Automatic Coffee Machines and anything in the coffee business

8. Uno coffee

Unique logo for coffee. Coffee companies and coffee shops.

9. Coffee Prince

i design C and P to cup of coffee

10. Coffee Surf

This logo is best suit for anything coffee related business, internet, blog about coffee etc

11. Metro Coffee Bar

This logo is best for coffee business related like a restaurant, cafe etc but it is suitable for internet, blog and web as well

12. Coffee Shop

A Coffee Shop logo design can be used for coffee shops & restaurants.

13. Royal coffee

Warm and tasty logo for coffee bar or coffee lounge or a coffee brand. Delightful combination of colors and forms, perfect for restyle your coffee brand or starting the new business in coffee industry.

14. Coffee Deluxe

Logo for a coffee based business.  The two coffee beans shown in the logo make up a ‘C' and a ‘D' for coffee deluxe.

15. Midnight Espresso Coffee Shop

Night sky with bubbles acting like stars. Cream vapour from coffee cup. Coffee bean shape for entire logo

16. Coffeetory

Coffeetory is an awesome brand that can be exploited beyond any limits. Good for a small cozy coffee place, but also has the potential for chain of shops, franchise

17. Coffee Lady

18. black coffee

this could be a coffee house or a book store. The meaning behind the logo is as if you are looking down on a cup of coffee. This is the view of every one who drinks a coffee – is that branding or what!

19. Coffee laugh

Logo suitable for any coffee shops and restaurants.

20. coffee talk

Using speech marks to make the coffee cup this makes a fun and interesting logo. good for a coffee lovers blog.

21. Coffee hut

Best for Restaurants, Coffee estates, coffee shops

22. Lounge Point Coffee

23. hot coffee store

Great design for all coffee related industries, shops, bars and restaurants.

24. Carrie's Cafe

Logo for Carrie's Cafe

25. WiFi Cafè

26. MyStory

logo that has the idea of coffee place, cafe, and restaurant at the same time.

27. Coffee Smile

Logo design for italian Caffetteria.

28. Coffeetime

Coffeetime logo.

29. CoffeeCard

CoffeeCard is an app which allows you to keep all of your coffee loyalty cards in one convenient location on any supported platform (iPhone, Android).

30. Cafe a Roma

Coffee and panini shop focused on quality, featuring locally roasted coffee and italian style panini as well as fresh baked goods.

31. Coffee Chat

coffee bean as a speech bubble

32. espresso

33. NerdCafé

34. Smiling Bean

35. Moka

coffee house logo

36. Docklands Coffee

37. Café Global

38. coffeegirl

cup of coffee and coffee bean making lovely girl.

39. giraffe carafe

A tall giraffe is a coffee cup or coffee carafe


Coffee house logo. Road express coffee house

41. sipchat

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