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10 Logo Design Software That Would Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Many of the business entrepreneurs spend much time and money for designing, as the logos carry the unique signature for the brand name. A well-designed logo can precisely carry the company's central theme and business ideology, and thereby enhance the growth of the business, while a poor one might destroy the whole purpose. This is the reason why logo designers are of much demand, in spite of their high pay rates.

However, it might not be possible for the small or medium sized business owners to spend exorbitantly for creating the logo for the company. This is where the logo design software products come in use, for they are easy to use and available at cheaper rates. Many of them can be downloaded from the website at free of cost. The Graphical User Interface or GUI for this kind of software is very user friendly and provides readymade templates for logo designing. These types of product suites are not only earning popularity among common people, but many professional designers, who used to rely on the proficiency of traditional tools, have started using these for designing exclusive logos. There are number of logo designing software products available in the market, among which ten are described below:

1. Page Plus X6

This software is appropriate for designing logos that are to be printed or digitally published. This powerful tool is very handy and convenient for creating unique emblems. The availability of resources is never limited for this software. Page Plus X6 is a high-end design tool that has many impressive features and can be purchased for reasonable price.

2. Adobe Illustrator CS6

This can be considered as a veteran among designer tools. The new version of the product is much faster now, and is better refined with more professional looking interface. This yields excellent result for complex files. One should learn the detail of this software thoroughly for designing a remarkable logo.

3. Logo Design Studio TM

This tool has amazing power of providing thousands of options within a very short period of time. Using this software is a fun experience. Logo Design Studio stands out among thousands of similar products for the easiness to install. There is a huge library of already-designed logos for easy reference. This product also comes at cheaper price.

4. The Logo Creator

This versatile program for online logo designing offers theme-based options to select an appropriate one from thousands of similar styles. The Logo Creator is much popular for its robust template that comes along with immense flexibility and creativity. The best feature of Logo Creator is the option for mix and match.

5.Logo Maker 3.0

This is one of the best logo making software products that has a user-friendly and straightforward layout. This allows creation of logos with high resolution and includes well-planned graphic tools and balanced features. This intelligent software can be used appropriately by talented designers to develop HD logos.

6. AAA Logo

This logo designing product has an impressive user interface with huge amount of tools and features. The product is a popular choice for the beginners, as well as for the experienced designers. The package comes with ready-to-use clipart, customized fonts, number of images and other graphic objects, which facilitate the creation of good quality logos within minutes.

7. Logo Smartz

This software package is able to please the designers and logo developers for its high level of functionalities. This software provides hundreds of varieties for templates, innumerable themes and advanced options for object and text. The graphic is always up-to-date and comes with professional look and feel. The innovative features of Logo Smartz include high quality fonts, layers, colors, adjustments and filters.

8. Quick Logo Designer

This software does not only provide quick solution for logo designing, as the name implies, but also easy to use and learn. The basic design functionalities of this product are ideal for the elementary-level graphic artists for learning the advanced concepts of logo designing and approaching towards higher plane.

9. LogoYes

This software has a free version, as well as a higher quality paid version that comes with advanced functionalities. The interface of the product helps in selecting the right look and feel of the logo, by providing different image varieties, like High-tech, flair and bold.


This product is comparatively new in market and has the ability of designing huge number of logos in short time frame. The logo design team reviews for this software reports its usability for designing company envelopes.

There are many other tools and software products available in the market for logo designing, many of which are fun to use. These software products have reduced the dependency on third party vendors for logo designing and enhanced self-sufficiency. Business entrepreneurs and logo designers should select one, according to their budget and requirement, to create the best logo for their brand.

Written by Rosette Summer

Rosette is an expert logo designer, who has worked for many renowned corporate giants. Logo design team reviews of her company have revealed the increased usability of the ready-to-use software products.

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