Joomla’s SEO-Friendly Plugins – Best Tools for Attaining Topmost Search Engine Ranking

Joomla’s SEO-Friendly Plugins – Best Tools for Attaining Topmost Search Engine Ranking

So, now that you're the proud owner of a fully-functional dynamic business website, it's time for you to pay attention to its optimization as per the current search engine algorithms. What else than 's -friendly plug-ins can help you with this? Using correct SEO plug-ins can aid you in promoting your website on all the major search engines (Google, MSN, Bing etc. ) that are being accessed by internet users residing in different parts of the world.

Why choose Joomla's plug-ins for undertaking your website's SEO?

Search engine optimization done using Joomla is quite different from the traditional SEO. There is an entire repository of SEO extensions, available with Joomla. You can access these extensions and use them for honing your website's visibility on all the popular search engines. Apart from extensions, a wide range of SEO-friendly plug-ins is also available. There are over 6,000 free and commercial plug-ins you can choose from.

Demystifying the role & benefits of Joomla's SEO-Friendly plug-ins

As an entrepreneur, you might be well familiar with the importance of having crawlable and understandable websites. Well, Joomla's SEO-friendly plug-ins assist you in transforming your not-so-visible website into one that is being recognized by every available search engine. Building your website using the content management system like Joomla can open new ventures for improving the site's search engine rankings. In other words, installing Joomla's SEO-friendly plug-ins enables you to streamline your targeted visitor traffic. With these plug-ins you can perform the following activities:

  • Automate the processes that lead to bogging down of your website
  • Effectively create and manage your site's content
  • Stay organized on a continuous basis, irrespective of the page count for your website.

Some popular SEO-friendly plug-ins by Joomla

While quality content has become Google's favorite tool for featuring a website, there are a number of additional methods which can be utilized to inch your ranking up. Using Joomla's SEO-friendly plugins is one such method that'll give you best results for your website. Here are 5 awesome Joomla SEO plugins that have facilitated result-proven search engine optimization of websites designed for meeting varied business goals.

Xmap– Sitemap is a critical aspect of every website. Xmap is a site-map generator which allows Joomla developers to build a map based on the structure defined for the website's menu.

JoomSEF– In order to rank on top of all search engines, it is mandatory for the website to have a detailed, readable and relevant URL. This plug-in does exactly that for your site.

SEOSimple– Search engine notice the website's meta tags in order to determine its search ranking. This Joomla plugin when installed onto your website will automatically take each section of text and convert it into meta description tag, making the website noticeable for all search engines.

SmartSEO– If you are new to the world of Search engine optimization, then installing this plugin would allow you to edit different SEO elements, thereby helping your site feature on topmost position of search engine results pages (SERP's).

Watch your selection of Joomla SEO plug-ins

Now that you're well aware about the benefits of installing Joomla's SEO-friendly plug-ins onto your website, it is essential for you to ensure that the ones you choose for your website are correct. There are SEO plugins which if not used appropriately tend to redirect visitors to a different page, thereby leading to loss of potential clients.

While choosing plugins for your website, do ensure to check whether the same abide by all the search sites' practice guidelines. This is important in order to ensure that the plug-ins installed on your website would not result in penalties for your site, if misused. The free-availability of Joomla plugins makes them the best tools for ensuring top search engine ranking for websites.

Written by Jason Roiz

Jason is an innovative and experimental veteran developer, who now devote his time in advising its clients to hire Joomla developers. He is also associated with an experienced and iconic Joomla CMS Development company, which has delivered a wide array of web development projects in past.

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