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Custom Theme Development with 10 top-notch Blank WordPress Themes

users all over the world have embraced different kinds of themes that have helped them in improving the overall appearance and functionality of their websites. If you too are an avid WordPress lover and want to know about the best options available in custom development, this is the blog that will help you gain a complete insight on the same. Here, I'll be covering details about the ten best blank WordPress themes that serve as a starting point for developing a custom WordPress theme. Also called as “starter themes”, these blank WordPress themes aid you in developing WordPress themes that have the features and functions which are in sync with your specifications.

What exactly is a Blank WordPress theme?

Well, a Blank WordPress theme is a section of code that is being included within a WordPress theme to alter its features and functions. This theme comes with the basic WordPress PHP, CSS and HTML codes and the theme files are already populated for your convenience. You can choose to modify these files so as to suit your needs. By reducing the amount of code that you need to write, a blank WordPress theme helps in speeding the custom WordPress theme development process. Moreover, integrated features such as responsive layouts and sample data help you in testing your newly developed WordPress theme for any bugs.

Below is the list of 10 best Blank WordPress Themes:


Underscores is a free blank WordPress theme that's been developed by Automattic, the original creators of WordPress. With a pre-built responsive layout and a range of five templates to choose from, Underscores is the perfect fit for WordPress users who're looking forward to revamp their existing WordPress theme for improved performance.

Custom Theme Development with 10 top-notch Blank WordPress Themes


 HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme is specially optimized for website developers. The in-built custom theme functions include a boilerplate code for usage of WordPress's Shortcode API in the existing themes and a dynamic sidebar.


Naked WordPress

If you're a novice WordPress theme developer and want to learn the basics of developing good WordPress themes, Naked WordPress is the theme for you. This theme is commented in-line so as to give you a deep understanding of what all is happening as you're building your customized WordPress theme. All in all, Naked is a WordPress tutorial cum starter theme.



Built on Foundation 5(a major front-end development framework used alongside Bootstrap), JointsWP allows you to build mobile-compatible websites without the need for starting from the scratch. This blank WordPress theme includes a grid system that works perfect for styling common elements on the website. You can opt for either the plain CSS version or the Sass version for building the WordPress theme.



As a responsive blank WordPress theme, WP-Flex has in-built features that work as a best fit for web developers looking for building their custom WordPress themes. Sample data for unit testing and guaranteed compliance with WordPress's official theming guidelines is what makes WP-flex a hot favorite among WordPress theme developers.


HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress

HTML5 Boilerplate is a blank WordPress theme that uses the contemporary HTML5 blog structure based on Opera Web evangelist Bruce Lawson's HTML5 blog markup. HTML5 Boilerplate uses all-new HTML5 tags including header, footer, article, nav and section. You are free to customize the layout as per your requirements.


HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme

In order to develop semantic and structurally-sound HTML5 WordPress themes, HTM5 Reset WordPress theme is what needs to be chosen. The built-in post template helps in incorporating the hNews microformat that enables the search engines to understand your web content in a better way.



Built on top of HTML5 Boilerplate, Bones is a responsive blank WordPress theme. It was developed under the Mobile First philosophy and lets you get started with the creation of awesome WordPress themes. With no Child themes involved, Bones offers you complete flexibility of making as many modifications as required.



Roots is yet another open source WordPress blank theme that's been built with HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap. You can use this theme for creating better themes with Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate and Grunt.




As a simple and minimalist blank/boilerplate WordPress theme, BlankSlate offers you an excellent platform for creating WordPress themes that are eye-catchy and fully functional. BlankSlate acts as a middle ground between developing WordPress themes from scratch and using a complex starter theme like Roots or Underscores.


Summing Up

Now you've them all, the 10 best blank WordPress themes that work as a best fit for web developers looking for developing custom WordPress themes using the existing themes. I'm sure you'll embrace these themes and put them to use in your forthcoming custom WordPress theme development ventures.

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Written by Edward Jones

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