Building a Successful E-commerce Website by Avoiding Common Mistakes

If your e-commerce website is witnessing a decline in business, it is high time that you review your website and your business plan, and prepare a recovery plan to boost up your value proposition among the online customers. It is a fact that the startup cost for building an e-commerce website is going down significantly, and this is an important reason why new competitors are joining you on a daily basis to take your business share away. But at the same time, more and more online shoppers are entering the online world and thus you would definitely have golden days ahead.

However, there could be several areas that may need a thoughtful consideration to enhance the business prospects of an e-commerce store. Take out some time from your marketing initiatives and review your website to find out the things you need to work out on.

Check the Communication Flow

Several sites make the communication complex and difficult to comprehend for the consumers. When consumers don’t get the clear and concise business message, they opt out to find another e-commerce site. You need to see if your content maintains a convincing approach so that products and offerings look more realistic and valuable. At the same time, the designing should be clutter-free, allowing customers to browse through the content in an effortless manner. In the nutshell, one needs not to put extra efforts to find out something on your site that he or she intends to purchase.

Finding a Reliable Hosting Partner

If you get one thousand visitors on your website, one or two out of them may do a business with you. Thus, you can understand the volume of traffic you need to handle on a daily basis in order to receive a significant number of orders from your customers. This stresses upon choosing a reliable web hosting company that can provide you with the best services with the maximum uptime and unlimited bandwidth. If your website will remain inaccessible to the customers because of your lower bandwidth, they will stop visiting you.

Simplify the Payment Mechanism

Payment is still a concern for many and which restricts them from shopping online. Make sure that you offer them multiple payment options which are safe and simple. Keep it simple; do not ask too many questions at the checkout. Allow them to make payments through Paypal, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Net Banking. Guarantee them a safe payment gateway with SSL encryption to keep their valuable financial data protected.

Customer Support

Try to make their shopping experience joyful, affordable and exciting with you. Hire a customer support team, which should remain available on a 24/7 basis. Your e-commerce shop will remain open 24-hours a day and thus a customer support executive should remain available all through the day and night to address issues of your customers, if they come across any. You can offer support via online chat, toll-free number and e-mail as well. Many customers may need the help in choosing products, placing orders and making payments. Customers often remain concerned about the product delivery, and you can provide them with a Tracking System for checking the status of the order.

These are some of the common areas that an online store needs to look into in order to identify the problems and find solutions. Besides, you may plan discounts and offers to lure new customers to your site. More importantly, you need to make your site look more trustworthy, so that a customer can make a transaction without any hesitation. Make sure, customers do not get any bad experience while they are on your site. Any negative review can badly affect your reputation and can downgrade your business prospects. So, make them feel treasured, if you want to build your own treasure through your e-commerce store.

Written by Justin Spencer

Justin Spencer works at one of the most reputed PSD to Magento conversion service provider company called MarkupBox. You can contact him on twitter.

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