What are the Trending Mobile Game Development Tools?

The market for mobile games these days is enormous. Some games like Candy Crush Saga, Puzzle and Dragons, and Clash of Clans have achieved massive success, and shown us all what is possible in this area. If you're a developer, mobile gaming is the big opportunity right now, andWhat are the Trending Mobile Game Development Tools? this is where you want to be. As a game developer, you have a selection of different tools available for creating your masterpiece. Here is a roundup of some of the trending mobile tools.

Unreal Engine

According to expert Mike Gamble, the technology in Unreal Engine provides a proven development environment for mobile games, and it gives teams all of the tools that enable them to create high quality titles that can stand out in the crowd. This development platform has been used to create such games as Borderlands Legends, Injustice, and the ambitious series Infinity Blade.

The company offers two different solutions for developers. The Unreal Engine 3 provides total access to the integrated Unreal Editor suite, with C++ source code, and the support of their engineering team. The Unreal Development Kit is a separate product, which has been installed over two million times. There is an upgrade path from the UDK up to the full source product UE3. There is also an active community of developers.


The CEO of Marmalade, Harvey Elliott, says that the product provides a package of tools that can help get small, indie game developers up and generating revenues as quickly as possible. The Marmalade 7 product bundles premium plug-ins from partners, which can provide such things as advertising, analytics, in-app purchasing, monetization, and other services. This product was used in creating games such as Plants vs. Zombies, Draw Something, and Talisman Prologue.

The Marmalade SDK claims that it provides developers with the fastest possible way to create cross-platform games in C++. It lets game developers code projects in Visual Studio or open Xcode, and then compile them to run on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Blackberry, and other platforms, all from just one project file in Marmalade. The new feature called Marmalade Juice lets you open Objective-C code in Marmalade, where you can then tweak some features that are platform specific, and compile it for Android.


According to the company's CEO, David Helgason, Unity is the best option for game developers who want to create products for a wide range of device types. The platform offers sophisticated cross-platform capabilities. This product also includes bonus add-ons like Unity Cloud sharing services, and the Asset Store. This development platform was used to create standout titles that include The Room, Temple Run 2, and Bad Piggies.

Unity is a favorite among many developers because of its reliability and cross-platform capabilities, and it has been used to create everything from relatively simple 2D puzzle-type games, to complicated 3D action games. The platform gives developers an integrated environment, where they can port games between all of the big platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, internet, and the major game consoles, so that games can reach the widest possible audience. The basic Unity tools are free, until your company reaches annual revenues of $100,000 or more.


Project Anarchy

Developed by Havok, Project Anarchy is a special package made particularly for mobile game developers. The engine lets you ship games free of charge onto Android and iOS. Incorporating the Vision Engine, Animation Studio, Physics, and AI products of Havok, Project Anarchy comprises lots of features, like effective asset management, debugging, and LUA scripting; it also include lots of sample materials, videos, and tutorials to make game development more efficient and fast.

Project Anarchy offers versatility and power to avid mobile game developers. Apart from a powerful triple-A game tech that is available with the engine, it also offers devs with C++ access in order to allow developers to customize the engine based on their preferences.

There's a wealth of trending mobile game development tools available online. However, only the most pioneering are helping developers come up with the finest and most ground-breaking video games. The mobile gaming market is constantly expanding. Gamers have surreal expectations and the only way to keep up with the demand is to use innovative tools to create something unique and eye-catching.

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Written by Julian Anderson

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