Incredible Texture-Rich Designs That Can Fuel Your Mobile App

Incredible Texture-Rich Designs That Can Fuel Your Mobile App

The mobile applications when designed and developed with an absolute approach can help businesses endeavor their goals in an ultimate fashion.

The evolution of Smartphones and other iOS and Android devices like tablets, wearables, etc., have revolutionized almost every business domain. And, the mobile applications being the cornerstone of the latest mobile gadgets, are being now considered as the inevitable partner for the businesses. An effective and efficient mobile application can help organizations boost their business values and generate greater revenue by easily promoting their products and services across a gigantic mobile user base.

This is why such services are hotly pursuing the iPhone and Android app development companies of the reliable software firms to help them take more assured steps in business. Today, creating a unique and impressive mobile presence with a captivating application that stands out in a sea of is a quite challenging task. And, maybe this is the reason for rapidly fluctuating design trends.

Design of an application must be considered as the paramount. A trendy, unique and impressive interface design can allow your app to attract potential customers and can hold their interest. This will ultimately add to your application success in the market.

While considering the current designing trends, it can be observed that flat, minimalist and simple UI designs are in vogue. However, you can further make your app design rich and boast a powerful identity by introducing enticing textures and patterns to the UI elements. Choosing an amazing and well suited texture in your app interface design can add depth to it and create a contrasting and visually appealing background and foreground elements.

There are several beautiful texture-embedded iOS and Android app interface designs that can truly inspire you. Here are some of the best app designs, let's have a look at them.

Ftou Ftou Ftou:

Epitomizing the fabulous imitation of brown wood in the background and hand embroidered cloth texture in the foreground, this beautiful app features a splendid design. The wooden texture in the background lends an innovative visual appeal to the interface, and the great contrast of background and foreground colors further adorns the app UI.

Rock Radios Collection:

Incredible Texture-Rich Designs That Can Fuel Your Mobile App

This application features an ultimate design while boasting an urban grunge taste. The incorporated polished metal header complements the wood textured background and rugged footer offers a look and feel of an aged and scratchy surface. Thus, making the overall visual appearance of the app more intriguing and impressive.

Punters Club:

The Punters Club app has been amazingly designed by Sergey Valiukh. This fabulous app boasts subtle colors and shadows that perfectly blends with the entire theme of the application. All the textures are skillfully embedded and the highly-detailed functional parts further embellishes the app interface design.

Order Food:

This app has been designed with a simple paper texture that lends it an visual appeal similar to a book. The CTA (Call To Action) buttons of the app add a contemporary look and feel to the app as they look like a small piece of paper partially pasted on the page. The paper texture is a bit scratchy and rough, thus making it look a bit aged, and the wood texture in the header further adds to its exquisite appeal.

Good Food:

Incredible Texture-Rich Designs That Can Fuel Your Mobile App

A perfect blend of multiple beautiful textures enhances the spectacular design of this application. The dark wood textured background epitomizes a wooden table base and right-white plaid texture represents the table mats. To further adorn the design the Menu and other textual content is showcased over a paper texture. This cool app design is the perfect example of an elegant and stylish interface.

Photo Frame:

A renowned professional has embedded a splash of bright colors add a flamboyant touch to the design of this application. It features an extremely easily navigable interface, navigation will not be a problem at all. The vivid colors of the UI are showcased over the light wooden textured background. This app brilliantly epitomizes vibrant UI elements over a subtle colored base.

You can add life to your app interface by integrating texture and impressive patterns in its design. You may consider the aforementioned app interface design as an inspiration. Show your creativity in your designs by blending conspicuous textures with elegant and trendy UI elements. Make your remarkable app stand ahead of the crowd with a unique and intriguing interface design.

Written by Victoria Brinsley

Victoria Brisnley is a veteran developer for Appsted Ltd – one of the leading Android app development companies. You can get in touch with her in order to explore more about the related technologies.

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