8 Magento Features Which Makes it an eCommerce CMS Leader

With 1 out of every 4 online businesses choosing , it is truly interesting to know as to what makes it one of the most used solutions. Whether you're running a B2B(Business to Business) or a B2C(Business to Customer) online store, powering it with Magento is an excellent business decision.

Different businesses have different requirements. Hence, a one-size-fits-all solution won't be competent in fulfilling the unique requirements of a business firm. It is here that Magento serves as an excellent source of relief. This e-commerce solution has been embraced by fast-growing businesses as well as established enterprises. In this post, I'll be looking into eight key reasons supporting the ever-rising popularity of Magento e-commerce software. So, let's get started!


The growing advancements in the field of web technology have encouraged developers to build websites that can create a unique niche over the World Wide Web. Thanks to Magento e-commerce solutions, developers are now finding it easier and simpler to update website/e-store content, add new pages to the site and link the existing pages to the main or sub-navigation. Magento comes loaded with free templates which make it convenient to customize the site's design, content and features.

Magento comes with an SEO edge

It's actually pointless to have an e-commerce website that isn't being noticed by the search engines. With SEO(Search Engine Optimization) being one of the most critical points of concern among online entrepreneurs, choosing Magento for your e-store will allow you/your brand to get noticed immediately. With built-in SEO features, Magento offers you the flexibility of optimizing your web pages in a way that they are crawled by all major search engines.

A unique flexibility for the purchasers

In addition to allowing the e-store owners to perform tweaks to their store, Magento also enables the buyer or consumer to receive his/her own flexibility of sorting and setting products on the basis of their personal preferences. That means, the customers are offered a unique freedom of viewing and purchasing their favorite products as per their desire. This not only enhanced the shopping experience but even ensures higher product sales for the seller.

Convenience of managing multiple e-stores

One of the most brilliant features of Magento, multiple store management allows an administrator to manage more than one e-store via a single administrative panel. That means, no more creation of individual administrative accounts for different Magento powered e-stores.

Magento is mobile-friendly

Since the era of smartphones and tablets isn't showing any signs of fading away, it becomes imperative for every online merchant to ensure that his/her e-store is friendly with all the mobile devices- smartphones and tablets. With Magento e-commerce development, you can rest assured that your e-commerce site would look awesome and operate perfectly on all mobile gadgets. Features such as customer review, auto currency rate update and ‘send to a friend' etc. serve as user engaging tools, thereby gathering the attention of mobile users.

Magento serves as an excellent option for creating a commendable shopping cart

Magento comes packaged with features that take care of everything ranging from checkout to the payment processing stage. Customers can opt for a checkout either as a guest or by signing up for a registered account. The multiple payment gateway options(for eg: PayPal, Google Checkout, Simple Pay, Amazon Payments etc.) provided by Magento enable the customers in undertaking payment transactions as per their individual convenience.

Magento's analytics and reporting feature does the ‘Magic'

The Magento community understands online retailers' need for measuring the performance of their online store. It is due to this that features like shopping cart reports, stock and inventory reports, coupon usages, best customers, search term reports etc. have been incorporated into Magento e-stores. These features work wonders when it comes to analyzing the sales and basic performance of the web-based store.

Marketing and Promotion becomes a breeze with Magento

With Magento, web merchants can leverage the freedom of creating and manage a range of promotional campaigns. This outstanding e-commerce software comes with special marketing and promotional tools which help in encouraging sales and the basic conversion rates. Some examples of these marketing tools include Flexible Coupons, Landing Page Tools for Marketing Campaigns, Private Sales, Catalog Promotional Pricing and Bundled Products.

In Conclusion

Serving as a smart choice of web store owners, Magento has helped a lot of businesses in emerging from their ashes. Creating an e-commerce website using Magento is perhaps an initiative that will allow you to enjoy a worldwide recognition for your brand.

Written by Tyler Holt

Tyler holt is a blogger cum developer. He loves writing articles describing the importance of Magento web development services . Magento Developer that has been remarkable in delivering high-quality Magento websites and e-stores.

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