Wicked WYSIWYG : What About Those DIY Websites? [Infographic]

Wicked WYSIWYG : What About Those DIY Websites? [Infographic]

Even if you have a limited amount of web design knowledge or none at all in fact, you can still build a using the various DIY offerings available.

DIY website builders are understandably very popular and whilst not so long ago you would have had to employ the services of a professional web designer to get your website up and running, you can now follow the simple steps provided to design your own site within just a few hours.

The question is whether you should really be using a DIY ?

This looks at the pros and cons of sites like Wix, Weebly and Snap who offer you the chance to design a website from scratch without needing to learn a single line of code.

You will save time and money using these DIY website builder options and there are often hundreds of templates to choose from and options to customize your website, so that it doesn't look the same as another one using the same tool as you, but web designers believe you may be compromising quality in favor of something that is fast, cheap and somewhat inferior in a number of ways.

A professional web designer has a vested interest in telling you that a DIY website builder is a false economy of course, but for some, the WYSIWYG option is too tempting to resist.

What you see is what you get () is a good term to describe a DIY website builder and it may well be that a simple website design is all your business really needs. However, if you are planning to launch an online store and need to seriously compete for customers in a crowded digital marketplace, a professional web design may prove to be a shrewder investment than a DIY website option.

Here is a look at what you get for your money and points to consider before you decide which route to take. Eugenijau Mockaičio individuali veikla: pardavimų skatinimas, elektroninių parduotuvių kūrimas, internetinės svetainės, Google ads, pamokos, patarimai, seo paslaugos gera kaina ir reklama internete


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Wicked WYSIWYG : What About Those DIY Websites? [Infographic]

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