10 Fresh Social Media Icon Set for September 2012

Social media icon is a really great way to boost your website traffic.  Adding great looking icons to your site may help increase social bookmarks. Below is a collection of the updated and latest social media icons set. Using social media icons which represent the social network is very important, using odd icons or odd colours can actually mean people miss them or just don’t realise what they are because the iconic colour or logo isn’t there.

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Container Icon Set V4

Full detailed 48 icons from the shipping industry. It’s compatible with any Mac Os system, also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Television Social Media Icons Set

This release is a set of 20 social media icons in a television set.


Glossy Free Social Media Icon Set

An awsome glossy icon set exclusive to Creative Nerds readers.  The icon set includes 12 of the most popular social media websites. Each icon within the set comes with a resolution of 64px by 64px, which is the perfect size to incorporate into your web and design projects.


IC Minimal Icon Set

Created by us the good folks at design deck for its loyal readers to use as they wish, IC Minimal Icon Set with original PSD file included! IC Minimal Icon Set includes 28 Icons in total all PNG & JPG format and a size of 64px – 64px.


Slick Grid Style Free Social Media Icon Set

The icon set includes 12 icons in total, for what i believe to be 12 of the most popular social media websites. Each icon set included within the set is 64px by 64px, the perfect size for web projects.


4 Gorgeous Social Media Icon Sets


20 Free Retro Style Social Media Icons Set (256 x 256 PNG)

This retro style social media icons set can fit into old fashioned, tatty and rough themes. These can also become a part and parcel of dark & deep websites or blog themes.


20 Free Cute & Minimalist Social Media Icons Set (256 x 256 PNG)

20 free cute & minimalist social media icons in PNG format. All those sites which are having cute girly themes can owe these minimalist & cute icons. So make use of this assemblage of social media icons.


Vector 3D Social Media Icon Pack

These icons are truly colorful & vibrant & are composed in Vector 3D free social media icon pack (2012) including new Twitter icon, new StumbleUpon icon and Pinterest Icon.

Polygon Social Icons

Small set of Polygonal Social Icons.

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