Furatto : Flat, Fast & Powerful Front-end Framework with UI

Furatto is a flat, fast and powerful front-end framework for rapid web development. It’s fully responsive, highly customizable, and speeds up your front-end development. It is based on other frameworks as a start point, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation.

Furatto is built based not only to look nice in desktop browsers, but on smartphones, tablets browsers thanks to the responsive CSS.

Besides the typography + grid, it has styles for all the major elements like buttons, tables or forms and various JavaScript components like modal or tooltips.

Furatto’s style sheet is writtern by SCSS, you can customize the color, size, font with just modify the varibles.

Website: http://icalialabs.github.io/furatto/index.html
Download: https://github.com/IcaliaLabs/furatto
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
License: Apache License

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