Business Cards Inspiration #10

Business cards are cards bearing information about a company or individual. It the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your brand offline. Here,  roundup 7  business cards inspiration part 10 are compiled to give inspiration for you to start thinking for your business card design.

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Lego Business Card

So apparently if you work for Lego not only do you have a great job, you get to have your own personal Lego minifig as your business card! The figurines have the person’s name printed on the front and their email and phone number on the back. Each minifig is personalised to look like the person it represents, with their hair colour and features – in true Lego style, of course.


Design Brand Identity

Unique business cards for handbag design brand KateRoxs. Identity was crafted by Pajka from Poland.


Golden Letterpress

Beautiful identity with a golden letterpress on natural art paper. Edges using a golden leaf with gold foil stamping to give it that sleek look. Created by TurnStyle


Liquorice Studio

Each card is triplexed with an ‘Allsorts’ colour sandwiched with black. Screen-printing the outside layers produced a great tactile finish.” Designed by Liquorice 

Motozone Business Card

“Motozone is a fictive firm that is specialized in high-end auto parts! A company which seeks away from discount products and going for the serious car enthusiast as a targetgroup. The Motozone logo works a bit different than normally, the word after “Moto” changes depending on the department. ” Designed by Thorbjørn Gudnason


Brice Corbin business Card

Brice Corbin letterpress business card on 700gr colorplan


Indent design studio business cards

The business card was designed with both left and right brain thinking having a logical, rational dimension of 1:2 (90mm x 45mm) and using Phi (1.618) to proportion elements and set a baseline. The card went through a two colour litho process, blind letterpress and finally duplexed to produce the final product.

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