50 Cloud Based Logo Inspiration

Here is a unique 50 based Inspiration with designs that will literally make you want to sit at a cloud related brand. These cloud logos are highly detailed and have been designed with high standards in mind.

Various businesses are using clouds in their brand images and, depending on the industry they represent, they can come to mean a variety of things.

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Dynamo Servers

Since dynamo means gear, motors, etc I merge the cloud ideal with gears

50 Cloud Based Logo Inspiration



Onlcoud – cloud integration technology solutions.


e-BAS Accounts

Logo design for a cloud based bookkeeping and accounting business.


Blue Sky

Suitable for all business which are related with the Technology,Network, Communication, Broadcasting Services etc.


Seven Blue Clouds Studio



Solutions Check

Logo for Cloud Computing Solutions Company.


Cloud System

Logo for data company


Sleep With a Purpose



Cloud logo design for a kindergarten.



an eggcloud




the cloud community

Chat and catch up w/ relatives, old friends and even clients via video or messaging. All on the cloud.


Creative Cloud






WeatherZone Australia

Conceptual design for a weather website in Australia. Repurposing the obvious elements into a more clever arrangement.



Logo created for LGTB bar in Seattle, WA


Sky Pillow

It's a cloud shaped like a pillow.


Inter Cloud Host

Logo for Cloud-based Hosting Company


Inter Cloud Host 2

Logo for Cloud-based Hosting Company


Inter Cloud Host 3

Logo for Cloud-based Hosting Company


Cloud Home

Cloud House, concept (logo template)




Think Dream

Unsolicited redesign idea




Cloud cooking


Cloud Photography


cloud tunes

A cloud made up of music notes with sheet music in the background. keyideas: cloud, music, tunes, notes, crowd, musician, band, online, sky, audio, composition, arrangement, crowd sourcing, collaboration.


Cloud Web

A premium Cloud domain with a professionally designed logo. Great for any Cloud hosting / services company or startup. WB = Web.


Serve Cloud

Serve Cloud is ideal for web based food/restaurant businesses.


up cloud logo


Great logo for cloud based music community.



logo designed for cloud industry for android applications

CLOUDLUV is great for many businesses especially for the futureproof cloudcomputing concept which is one of the biggest trends coming up this year as apple started the icloud service.



mailcloud is a logo that can be used by applications and software companies, media agencies, technology companies, among other uses.



Cloud business.



Cloud 9 Design

Well suited for cloud-based, web services or any creative company.

fullspeed cloud

Perfect logo for cloud computing business or automotive related or speed related business.


Singing Cloud

This design is available for use in many business areas, such as recording studio, music school, cafe etc.

simple cloud

design and creative studios/services but also design-related sites can use this logo. the inspiration behind this was the research for a minimal and simple design.

Cloud Mind

It can be used by companies that provide Cloud-based services (Cloud Providers, SaaS, etc).


Through the clouds

Simple and memorable logo. It Can be used in business based on Cloud Technologies or for Travelling company.



A camera shaped into a cloud.


Favorite Cloud

Simple and memorable logo. It can be used by companies that provide Cloud-based services (Cloud Providers, SaaS, etc).



A logo for a cloud app


cloudlife is a great logo.The colors used are eco friendly very clean.This logo works well for any industry


Could be used for a service with cloud computing base. The arrow symbolizes the information/data moving around the globe.

Cloud Diving

Logo designed for scuba diving company, that uses in its slogan word dream or cloud (or similar keywords).



Cloudove (cloud & dove)can be used in business based on Cloud Technologies.

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