35 Fox Logo Design Inspiration

Here is a unique 35 Design Inspiration with designs that will literally make you want to sit at a cloud related brand. These logos are highly detailed and have been designed with high standards in mind. Various businesses are using clouds in their brand images and, depending on the industry they represent, they can come to mean a variety of things.

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Here are 35 Fox Design Inspiration

1. up fox

This logo template is perfect for a broad range of businesses and industries: media firm, travel, multimedia production, web technology, video production.

35 Fox Logo Design Inspiration


2. foxy

foxy logo. sleek and simple,memorable mark.

3. foxnut

Fux nut logo, one of a kind made out of fox and a nut , could be use for all kinds of industry.


4. foxo

fox logo design for underwear brand or clothing or anything you see it fit for your business.

5. Smart Fox

A cute, edgy and smart fox good for any business.

6. Fox

Logo Fox, trabalhado nas cores azul e laranja. Pode ser utilizado em qualquer segmento.


7. foxxy

A simple, unique and clean logo that depicts a fox with an abstract touch. The logo can be used in (re)branding companies in any industry- from arts to pet shops, from online dating to after schools, etc.



8. Foxed

Foxed logo is a fox sitting on his tail. The logo is great for any type of business or brand that would like to have this fox-zen logo for the symbol.


9. Foxline

Foxline logo is great for more type of business. It can be used as brand new mark for entertainment companies, fashion, media, animal association and much more.


10. Foxa

Logo of a Fox suited for any business you like. Mainly for communications, internet, creative services etc.

11. Clever Fox

It is for nearly every type of use. The fox with its tail like a “Q” for QLEVER.


12. whitefox

a simple whitefox. good for graphic design

13. dashed fox

foxes are dashed, with an expressive style looks aggressive and fun


14.  foxline

he logo design is based on name, “fox”.the logo can use anywhere which business name is related to fox, like “foxline security”, “foxline media” etc.


15. FastFox

Abstract logo with red fast fox


16. FoxyDeco

Wordmark logo to represent furniture or interior and decoration design business inspired from an elegant Fox



Smart Fox brand good for investment in all marketing, sales and business development activities.

18. FOX Electrical

Logo design for an electrical-based firm.


19. VenueFox

I know fox tails and map pins have been done quite a lot, but this was hard to avoid! A wesbite/app to find venues and events.


20. Damian Lis Photography

Logo for photographer – Damian Lis (Fox)

21. foxy

foxy logo

22. The Polkadot Fox

The Polkadot Fox logo.

23. Zorros

24. Curious Brand

Done for a brand that goes by the name of “Curios”.


25. Magus Vulpes

26. Foxxd


27. Fox Rocks

28. Fox

Smart fox for sales system.

29. Foxy Man


30. RedFox

Logo for an advertising agency.


31. DJ fox


32. Fantom Fox



VERFOX – Data verification service logo


34. Clever Fox Software


35. Alert FOX

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