Why Magento Extensions for Ecommerce Are Socialized?

While socializing has almost become inseparable from our day-to-day lives, how can it be overlooked when it comes to ! It has been proved that the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. share more than 2 billions of users among them. Given that size of customer base, devising some extensions that could tap the numerous customers in these sites will prove beneficial for any business. which loves to try its hands of new and innovative techniques have studied this analysis well and has come up with scintillating socialized extensions. Social media is never ending and ever growing phenomena which when utilized properly can rain money for your business effortlessly.

This post throws light on some of the interesting benefits of having socialized Magento extensions for your business enhancement.

Increase shopping flow:

While online stores are exclusively set for improving sales, increasing the shopping flow isn't that easy. It takes considerable amount of time and analysis to create an online store which wins sales for your business. How to increase the shopping flow? Well, the best and easiest way would be tempting users to make use of the social media accounts. It just takes the installations of two or three social media extensions to enhance the online sales. Having a few social media icons on the online store would propel the customers to make use of them, which in turn shorten their process of payments and product purchases to a great extent. Simplifying the process of product purchase is the great way to improve sales and using socialized Magento extensions like Social Login, Facebook Social, it becomes absolutely easy.

Drive instant traffic:

Why Magento Extensions for Ecommerce Are Socialized?Driving traffic becomes mandatory irrespective of the size of any business. Especially, online websites without traffic is like a fish out of a pond. How to create traffic, that too instantly? Even the reputed method like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a long time to drive some volume of traffic to your site! However, it is possible with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. Sharing your product and services via social media sites is a splendid option to create instant traffic to your online store. The proliferative recommendations by the users of social media enhance the traffic and popularity of your products in no time.

Hook customers to online store:

In the earlier days, it proved to be too hot for most online businesses to attain the online visibility over millions of websites. But, things have changed thick and fast today, and your business can be in the spotlight just by connecting with the social media sites. You don't have to invest quite a lot of money for promoting your products, as the social media sites offer you promotions absolutely free-of-cost. With said that, setting up an online store in popular medium like Facebook could tremendously create traffic as well as popularize your website among worldwide users. Magento extension like Magento Facebook Extension is sufficient enough to create an online store in Facebook for experiencing tremendous online sales. You don't have to popularize your website spending a lot; by listing your products in the Facebook page, your customers will automatically be hooked to your site. What a great way to brandish your products!

Let users talk about you:

Referral is a magical word as far as online business is considered. The traffic created via referrals is the best one for any business. If someone refers or recommends your product, it shows their confidence on your product. If your product really possesses such quality, they never hesitate to refer them. To make the referral process much easier for the users, make use of socialized Magento extensions. Having such kinds of extensions installed in the product page, helps users to refer your products instantly. Make the referral processes quite fast with the help of the popular Magento extensions.

Engage customers with discounts:

If you are a buyer, obviously you will love the word “discounts.” Offering discounts to the products is a brilliant marketing strategy for triumphant online business. Especially, offering discounts to products via social media sites like Facebook obviously leads to powerful sales. On using social extensions like Magento FB Referral, the business owners could easily allow visitors to refer friends and in turn enjoy the attractive discounts. Referring more friends would obviously lead to more discounts which fascinate the customers to buy more and refer more. This strategy not only brings happiness for the customers but also for business owners.

Above-said are some of the undeniable reasons which forced Magento to come up with some sparkling social media extensions. The benefits of implementing the socialized Magento extensions are quite a lot, compared to a few benefits I have listed above. So, go social and make your online business a huge success with the help of incredible social media extensions.

Written by John Christev

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