Hashslider v2 : jQuery Slider with a Hashtag

HashSlider is a content slider that you can adds a hashtag to the window location, so you can link to any content / position of the slider. Hashslider come with a hash tag feature that is unique for each slide and any slide can be directly access via unique hash tag.

Hashslider v2 : jQuery Slider with a Hashtag

In hash tag slider you can easily add html content like text, graphics and video etc. it comes in two version first is free version and second is paid version with pro features.

It comes with only two files hashslider.js and hashslider.css, its integration is also very easily and you have to just follow simple step.


  • direct links to sliderpostion via hash tag
  • easy to implement
  • fully customizable
  • free for everyone
  • responsive (based on your css) NEW
  • content could be anything
  • only 2,3 kb in size
  • optimized for large amount of slides NEW
  • unique hash-names NEW

Requirements: jQuery
Website and Demo:
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
License: DBAD Public License

Written by Julian Anderson

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