12 Image Zoom Effect jQuery Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 12 zoom effect plugins that ideal for your next website project. It is responsive and customizable jQuery plugins to provide image zoom effects on website. These plugins will work on all the major browsers. See what works for you best. Leave your feedback in comments.

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12 Image Zoom Effect jQuery Plugins


Zoom responsively. A for responsive zoom of images & more! It provides an inner zoom and outer zoom option to magnify or zoom in on an image. It also supports zoom scrolling with mouse wheel.

12 Image Zoom Effect jQuery Plugins



Simple image zoomer for jQuery that will displays zoomed image area next to the original image.



jQuery image zoom plugin by web studio. evenZoom is a jQuery plugin, that adds zoom functionality to images.



Awesome jQuery plugin that allows an image to be zoomed with a magnifying glass effect.



A tiny and easy-using jQuery plugin for zooming images.



jQuery plugin for image magnification.



OKZoom is a jQuery plugin that produces a portable loupe of variable size and shape. All other jQuery ‘zoom' plugins we have encountered implement a square magnifying area.



The ClassyLoupe is a jQuery plugin which gives you the ability to add zoom on hover ability for your photos with single line of code.



Fullscreen Image Zoom and Pan with Jquery. It used for panning and zooming in/out of a large image in a full screen interface with mouse wheel interactions.



Zoomple is a very simple jQuery plugin for image magnifying. It allows you to add a zoom to your image. Zoomple is tested in : IE7+ , Firefox, Opera and Chrome.


Leroy Zoom

A lightweigth and easy to use image zoom and magnify jQuery plugin with less than 4 KB


Mk Magnifier

A jQuery plugin that allows you to magnify and show details of a product image when you roll over it. It also support touch screen.

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