10 Best Ripple Effect jQuery Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 10 best effect plugins that ideal for your next project. These plugins are very lightweight and easy to use. These plugins will work on all the major browsers. See what works for you best. Leave your feedback in comments.

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jQuery Ripples Plugin

Add a water ripple effect to your background using WebGL. By the powers of WebGL, add a layer of water to your HTML elements which will ripple by cursor interaction!

10 Best Ripple Effect jQuery Plugins



a for water ripple effect



a simple jquery plugin for clicking bubble. It is uses CSS3 border-radius to create animated ripple/bubble/circle effects that respond to user interactions.



A lightweight yet customizable jQuery plugin for implementing Material Design inspired ripple click / tap effects using CSS3 animations.



jQuery plugin for creating ripple effects on event occurrence.

Material Button Click

A jQuery plugin that creates a material button click feel with some options



A ripple button inspired by Google material design.


Material Ripple

MaterialRipple lets you use that ultra cool active effect on every element you want with modern CSS3 Animations and super smooth animations.


Water Ripples Effect

This jQuery plugin to simulate water ripples on the surface of an image. There are quite a few code snipplets on the internet to simulate water ripples in javascript-canvas.



legitRipple.js is a jQuery plugin used to create adaptive, smooth, draggable and highly customizable ripple click effect using CSS3 transitions.

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