How to use Magento Ecommerce Development for Better Results?

How to use Magento Ecommerce Development for Better Results?

When you have an online store, you would want to have as much traffic on your website as possible. This would mean a greater chance for you to increase your profit. But how can you increase such traffic in your online store? Using clever solutions for website navigation is one. And this is where comes into play and does a very good job at.

How to use Magento Ecommerce Development for Better Results?
Innovative Technology


Magento has changed the way online stores would go about their everyday business. With its innovative technology people would never look at online stores the same way ever again. And since people are starting to get used to this type of technology, there's no reason why you would want to be left behind. Customers would want an online store that's easy to use from item browsing to checkout and this is what Magento provides to all of its users.

Constructing a Stylish Online Shop

Not only does Magento make your online store more fluid than ever, it also gives it a stylish feel. When customers see that store items and icons are moving seamlessly throughout the entire website, they would sense that your online store is not boring like other online stores and it would cause them to use your site more often. What's even more cooler is the fact that you can have these things behave the way you want them to since you can be able to tweak Magento to your preference.

Magento with Search Engine Optimization

For e-commerce websites that are also using Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Magento fits perfectly to their agenda. This is the first choice among all of the developers when thinking about platforms to use with Search Engine Optimization. With Magento, developers can do optimization of product pages and pages of categories very easily. Developers also have full control of all the pages of the website through the content management system or CMS. Developers can also do canonical ways of URL redirections and even create a dynamic XML for search engines such as Google.

Growing business with Magento Designers

Since Magento can be an open source type of software like the Magento Community Edition, there is a growing business within the designers of this software. Millions of designers are developing different types of scenarios and settings that would be applicable to Magento and these designers can be of use for your growing business.

Magento Increase ROI

Just like any other business, using Magento as a tool to make your e-commerce site even better would require some investment on your part. May it be financial investment if you want to go for versions like the Magento Go, Magento Enterprise and Enterprise Premium or investment in manpower if you want to go for a more personalized version with the Magento Community Edition, it would really increase the return of what you have invested for the business. When people like what you have done to your e-commerce store, there is a higher chance that they would use your service again in the future and may even tell their friends and colleagues about it, thus increasing the return of investment and later on your profit.

Easy Navigation and Managing of Multiple Stores

With Magento, customers can enjoy the ease in navigation throughout your e-commerce website. They would notice how fluid icons are and how easy it is to conduct business when developers are using this tool within your website. As for managing multiple stores, Magento has made it easier than it used to be. With this software you one can integrate multiple stores in one place so customers won't have to open another tab or window for that other store as well.

Written by Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix Magento, a web development and magento mobile development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option. Get in touch with Brian through LinkedIn.

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